AT J&S MOBILITY WE HAVE A WIDE RANGE OF WHEELCHAIRS                                                 RANGING FROM £149.00                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              z tec 1   


• Seat belt . Swing away removable footrests
• Heel-loops . Fold down backrest
• New style wheels• Fold down backrest . Attendant running handbrakes
• Max user Weight 116kg

ztec wheelchairs 1

Lightweight aluminium folding transit wheelchair with brakes in metallic blue

New 2012 Model Which offers more comfort & reliability than older models. Weighs 13kg
This lightweight aluminium wheelchair in metallic blue is excellent value for money with many features as standard including, swing away and removable footrests.
This chair also offers attendant brakes, a fold down backrest for easy storage, side skirts and padded armrests.
Benefits from 8in / 20cm solid castors, 12in / 30cm solid rear wheels. Max user weight 18st / 114kg.

z tec wheelchair 2

Folding Aluminium Transit Wheelchair with Attendant Hand Brakes

High quality transit wheel chair with running handbrakes
Suitable for everyday indoor and outdoor use
Temporary transportation of a single occupant who has a walking disability
Lightweight and portable
Swingaway removable footrests

z tec wheelchair 3

Lightweight Folding Aluminium Self Propelled Wheelchair Seat Width 18-inch

Designed for everyday use
Attendant running handbrakes
Adjustable armrests
60 cm solid rear quick release wheels
Back and side skirt storage pockets

z tec wheelchair 5

Ultra Lightweight Modern Folding Aluminium Transit Wheelchair

• Attendant Running Handbrakes • Swing Away Removable Footrests
• Adjustable Armrests • 18cm Solid Front Castors
• 30cm Solid Rear Wheels • Back & Side Skirt Storage Pockets
• Fold Down Backrest • Side Skirts
• Seat Belt • Heel-loops

z tec wheelchair 6

Deluxe Folding Self Propelled Wheelchair

Ergonomic design
15 cm solid front black tyres
60 cm solid quick release rear wheels
Fold down backrest
Matching black tyres and handrims

z tec wheelchair 7

Folding Transit Wheelchair

Swingaway removable footrests
Fold down backrest
Solid 20 cm front and back castors
19-inch lightweight aluminium folding transit wheelchair
Ideal for frequent travellers





 Rear wheel drive range


Spectra XTRRear wheel drive chairs provide great control even at fast speeds and offer excellent stability even on challenging terrain.  Invacare’s Rear Wheel Drive chairs easily climb obstacles and with models ranging from the very basic to highly configurable, there is a chair to suit every client’s requirements in seating and driving control.

Centre wheel drive range

TDX Power chairCentre wheel drive chairs offer an intuitive driving platform allowing for maximum manoeuvrability.  They also offer a smaller turning radius compared to Rear Wheel Drive chairs making them particularly good for negotiating the smallest of spaces. With a range of seating options for maximum support and comfort, our Centre Wheel Drive chairs offer the client great control and a stable ride both indoors or out.

Power Add-On Kits

Alber emotion power add on wheelsAlber add-on kits are powerful mobility devices that can be combined with a large variety of manual wheelchairs. The Alber range includes push aids for manual chairs, drive wheels and battery packs, that can all be removed in seconds and are easy to transport!

Manual Wheelchairs


K-series Titanium active manual wheelchairLife in Motion
Invacare designs, manufactures and markets durable and economical wheelchairs for sports, recreation and everyday use. Invacare provides peace of mind with quality products. The Invacare Manual Wheelchair range offering is as follows:



Sport Wheelchair Range

Top End Basket Ball sport manual wheelchairCustom built everyday, sports chairs and handcycles from Invacare

Active Wheelchair Range

küschall k-series active manual wheelchairThe ideal active, rigid chair range for day to day use offering a wide level of support, enabling and even improving independence and mobility.



Medium Active Wheelchair Range

Action1NG low active manual wheelchair

From basic transit models to highly configured chairs, including the very successful Invacare® Action® NG range




Low Active Wheelchair Range

Action1NG low active manual wheelchair

A range of basic transit wheelchairs including the Ben NG and the Alu Lite.


Passive Wheelchair Range

Rea Azalea Transit

Comfort chairs offering a greater degree of postural support featuring our specialist range developed by Rea

 Paediatric Wheelchair Range

Action3 Juniora paediatric wheelchair

The Action 3 Junior wheelchair is versatile and adaptable for growing children and teenagers.




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